Anthony E. Porter

Florida Real Estate Sales Inc. is a Gainesville, Florida based company with extremely experienced real-estate management professionals. Florida Real Estate Sales Inc. founder and President, Anthony E. Porter, has more than 35 years experience of buying, selling, developing, financing, packaging and marketing all types of commercial and residential property. Florida Real Estate Sales Inc. staff includes experienced Realtors, property managers and real-estate marketing professionals to ensure success with all of your real estate needs.

Tony is more than qualified as a business owner, having owned or operated 13 other businesses previously in Florida alone. Tony is a licensed real-estate broker and is a member of the Alachua County Realtors Association, where he was elected as the Public Relations and Communications Chair. He has also served on the Alachua County Citizens Advisory Committee in Alachua County where he assisted in making the city of Gainesville better for the residents and made recommendations to help improve the county. Before owning and managing his own real-estate company, he owned a finance company, six car dealerships, restaurants and Real Estate investment and managerial companies. He also served as Executive Vice President of the largest privately owned bank in the world and managed the largest mortgage company in the US, enabling him to gain the knowledge he needs in order to run Florida Real Estate Sales Inc.

Tony is the also the immediate past president of a Gainesville-based Business Networking International (BNI) chapter called The Green Machine. It includes 57 of Gainesville’s most respected companies. BNI is the most successful business of its kind. It has more than 158,000 members. With these contacts, Tony can assist you in finances, managing your investment property, buying or selling and even auctioning. He can help with every aspect of your business needs.

In 2013 Florida Real Estate Sales, Inc. sold more than $10 million in commercial real estate and more than $5 million of residential property. The projections for 2014 indicate those numbers will be topped this year.

Florida Real Estate Sales, Inc. currently has listings of:

  • Commercial: $100,000 to more than $6 million
  • Residential: $100,000 to more than $3 million
  • Businesses: $7,500 to more than $2 million

If you need any assistance in anything real estate, Tony is the person to call.

Florida Real Estate Sales, Inc. is looking for people to train to be successful in Real Estate. Interested candidates should have the desire to make more than six figures. We continue to look for agents. Experience is great but we will train. Here’s what we provide:

  1. Great commission percentage
  2. No desk fees
  3. Great training
  4. Lots of leads
  5. Great team atmosphere

To apply, call Tony Porter at (352) 213-3074